CDA's Roman Missal

This is the text which adapted the 3rd edition of the Roman Missal for use with signing Deaf congregations within Britain using SSE/BSL (May 2014).

After much deliberation, we will not print a revised version of the CDA's Roman Missal, in book form; instead, the text is available on our website and we suggest that you download, print and insert them into your a large binder suitably decorated with a front cover.

We believe that, with the power of the internet and the ease of technology, we can reach more Deaf communities where Mass in English is used. Another reason is to ease the burden of administration (collecting orders, printing, packing and posting etc); and of course, our conscience and yours, of respecting God's creation by saving the world's trees and paper.

Obviously the next stage is the CDA Sacramentary which will include the rites of baptism, confirmation, funerals etc.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Fr Paul Fletcher SJ, Fr David Quiligotti and Peter McDonough (

The DVD 'Liturgical Signs: Mass, Prayers & Glossary' is now available.

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Roman Missal (1)
This book has graphic symbols and brackets with word substitutes. It is suitable for priests who are learning to sign Mass, even those who are reasonably proficient at signing but who only sign once a month. The graphic symbols and word substitutes are helpful indicators.

This book is also suitable for Interpreters and Communication Support Workers, for Volunteers and for training sessions.

Download: Front Matter for Roman Missal (1) with symbols

Download: Roman Missal (1) – with symbols (April 2015)

Roman Missal (2)
This book has brackets and word substitutes, but no graphic symbols. It is suitable for priests and Interpreters who are dyslexic.

Download: Front Matter for Roman Missal (2) without symbols

Download: Roman Missal (2) – without symbols (April 2015)

Roman Missal (3)
This book had no brackets, no word substitutes nor graphic symbols. It is suitable for priests who have no knowledge of sign language but whilst presiding at a Mass will speak and use the Interpreter or Communication Support Worker to relay everything in sign language for the Deaf community. This book is helpful because the sentences are structured to reflect the BSL/SSE structure (the syntax of the language in the 2011 Roman Missal differs substantially from sign language and has proved to be spatially challenging for those interpreting into Sign Language).

Download: Front Matter for Roman Missal (3) - plain text

Download: Roman Missal (3) – plain text (April 2015)

Eucharistic Prayers for Children

Download: EUCHARISTIC PRAYERS Children 1

Download: EUCHARISTIC PRAYERS Children 2

Download: EUCHARISTIC PRAYERS Children 3